the Risks


We recover seismic waveform from enveloped sub-bottom profiler data. Modeling of UHR Seismic data and Multi-Sensor Core Logger Seismic attributes to reveal risks in the context of subsea engineering Filtering and Denoising of marine acoustical data using Deep Learning We compute the safer path to cable routes through quantitative risk analyses.

Know our

Survey support through field QA/QC, processing, and client representation Advanced processing of acoustic and magnetic gradiometry data Qualitative and quantitative interpretation

We worked
on these
wind farms

  • Bay State Wind

    (OCS-A0500) in Massachusetts: 758km² - 2000MW
  • Vineyard Wind

    (OCS-A 0501) in Massachusetts: 675 km² - 800 MW
  • Ocean Wind

    (OCS-A 0498) in New Jersey: 649 km² – 1100MW
  • Liberty Wind

    (OCS-A 0522) in Massachusetts: 535 km² - 1200 MW
  • Empire Wind

    (OCS-A 0512) in New York: 321 km² - 1260 MW
  • Beacon Wind

    (OCS-A 0520) in Massachusetts: 517 km² - 1230 MW
  • Erebus Wind Farm

    in Irish Sea: 96MW


  • Victor Do Couto

    MSc in Geophysics with seven years of experience including relevant contribution to the study of six offshore wind farms in the East Coast of the U.S.
  • João Bruno Cunha

    PhD in Geophysics with ten years of experience. Eight in the oil & gas and the last two in offshore wind farms on the East Coast of the US.
  • Natacha Rocha

    MSc in Geophysics with eight years of experience in seismic processing & imaging. Works for offshore wind farms in the UK and on the East Coast of the US.